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Who we are?

Ctrl Alt Fix Solutions specializes in selling Apple® products and accessories, making repairs, pre-owned trade-ins, and providing software and system updates.Since 2014 Ctrl Alt Fix Solutions was part of Colbritch Technologies and in July 2019 it was established as a stand alone enterprise.We stock all apple products and a wide range of endless accessories, backups and our 5-star repairing services which includes trade-ins and cash for your non-working devices.

Why Choose Us?

  • We believe in the Apple® brand.
  • We know that Apple® has the best resale value out there.
  • We believe that all individuals deserve the right to own an Apple® device.
  • We repair Apple® devices that other resellers and distributors have condemned

Sell Your Components

We break and recover internal components from severely damaged apple devices. We keep such components in our inventory so we can use them on demand when working repairing our client’s devices

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